Princess Zelda: Link Building for Legends

First Post! Link Building Tips from Princess Zelda
An adorable crochet Link from oddgumi on Flickr.

An adorable crochet Link from oddgumi on Flickr.

The Triforce of Link Building

How are you going to build your links, you say? Well, speaking both as a professional link builder and as a master of improving young gentlemen facing epic quests, I think I can safely say that the three key components are:

  • Create lots of great content. Every Link needs a good story – a reason to go after his Princess! If wise old Impa (*cough* Google *cough*) knows a story good enough to set Link a-runnin’, you might just have yourself an adventure. What I mean to say is that if you create deep, well researched articles on your topic, you will generate links to those articles (hint, hint, o kind and generous readers) and the links that you place in those articles will have more value. (I suppose now would be a good time to give a shout-out to my buddy Mike, master of the ancient art of SEO Kung-Fu.)
  • Be creative. Maybe you wouldn’t guess that a damsel that sings loudly and unprovoked on a near-constant basis would actually be rescued by an elven lad, but then you’ve never met a boy that loved the ocarina (before it was cool). There’s always a ton of great new ideas out there, and even if they wind up fruitless, it’s always good to experiment… unless it’s a pineapple. Pineapple meaning that it might blow up in your face, not that it would be juicy and delicious. A good rule of thumb: don’t steal. Ever. Borrowing with permission is perfectly acceptable and a good way to build links and social media relationships.
  • Have lots of patience. You’ll run into a lot of dead ends with link building. He’ll die a million times before he defeats the villain, sometimes. Sometimes you’ll plant a link with no apparent value. But just wait – eventually your tedious efforts will reward you, and someday that adorable little link might mature into the hero you’ve been looking for! Remember that search engines change, so even if you feel burned out today – new opportunities will pop up tomorrow. Search engines also love, I mean love, links on old websites.

Being Creative: Some Great Ideas!

Since I had talked about keeping an eye out for great ideas, I thought I’d share a couple that I’ve seen recently.

  • Widgets! Who doesn’t love a widget? Coming up with a great new counter, or poll, or video, or anything embeddable with great content and a great link is always a fun and invaluable way to build some great links. I always love watching SEOmoz’s Whiteboard Fridays (and you should, too – really) and I feel like last Friday’s Whiteboard Friday video is a great outline of what makes a good widget.
  • Just today, mere hours ago on Twitter, @mattcutts posted a link to a great kind of “poll” format that incorporates video from @photomatt. You can ask Matt Mullenweg anything you want – he picks the best questions, makes a video of it, and posts a link back to your site! This is great because it a) provides Matt Mullenweg with content b) gives you a video widget with a c) link back to your site. And of course, the real genius is that it ultimately promotes the be-jeezus out of Matt Mullenweg (and deservedly so).

Any other great ideas? Think you can rule this kingdom better? I’d like to hear about it!


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I love the Zelda concept. “Link” biulding. I get it. But should I be happy about that or feel old?

Comment by Everett

Probably both. Although in all fairness Zelda, the original Zelda, is still totally popular – my twelve year old brother plays it!

Comment by Princess Zelda

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